Fieldwork with Caroline Bowditch. By Hannah Donaldson

In September the InVisible Difference team commenced fieldwork with Caroline Bowditch at the Institute for Creative Enterprise at Coventry University. We attended the fieldwork in pairs and individually, and observed Caroline working with dancers. We also had the opportunity to discuss the creation of her new work "Falling in Love with Frida".

From the perspective of the legal people on our team, this was an excellent opportunity for us to really find out how Caroline makes work, where she takes her inspiration from and also get her comments on the InVisible Difference project and what changes she'd like to see in the future. It was lovely to get into the workings of choreography and find out first hand from Caroline what her work is all about.

We managed to get some good photos both of the dance sessions and also our chats with Caroline which will be available shortly. We've uploaded some of the photos onto our Facebook page already, so please feel free to have a look.

InVisible Difference Facebook page

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