Project update by Sarah Whatley

We have had two very stimulating days on the project. On Monday we came together as a project team to review the recent work, including our time spent with Claire Cunningham, observing rehearsals and talking to her about her work, and planning the next stage of our observations, this time with Caroline Bowditch in November, early December. Yesterday we began the day with an excellent meeting with our Advisory Group who gave us many ideas for moving forward, followed by our Intersections Forum. The Forum brought together a wonderful group of artists, teachers, writers, researchers, practitioners, and other experts from the legal, cultural and creative industries for some wonderful debate. We were keen to get ideas about our key questions: What difference should the project make? How do we want to make a difference and for whom? We will be pulling together our reflections on the day and sharing them more widely. The discussion helped me write a short piece for a special issue of Animated (the Community Dance Magazine published by the Foundation for Community Dance) which is focusing on dance and disability. I was asked to consider the question 'Am I included in education'? As we get further into our project, the more questions we have.
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