Thoughts on the Intersections Forum. By Hannah Donaldson

InVisible Difference recently held an intersections forum at the Institute for Creative Enterprise at Coventry University. The forum was by invite and brought together 'thought leaders' in the world of dance, disability and law.

From the perspective of the project, this afternoon of discussion was invaluable as it's always useful to have people from outside our team contribute in the areas they are experts in.

From a personal perspective, I found it fascinating how we all worked together. The intersections forum was made up of artists with impairments, choreographers, academic experts in areas of law and disability studies as well as individuals who work with dance companies. It was interesting to me that not only were all parties interested in what the others had to say, (despite our backgrounds being so different!), but there was a clear desire to link our varying disciplines together. Not only were the legal experts asking how dance is created, but they wanted to understand how the law applied in this process. Equally, the dance experts began to piece together how the subtle differences in the creative process can affect copyright; something they had never really considered before. It was a very rewarding learning experience for everyone involved.

As this was my first experience of three very different disciplines working together and it was fantastic to see everyone so engaged with the process!
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